Thomas WichardThomas Wichard (, Germany. He is a research group leader “Chemical Ecology of Cross-kingdom Interactions in macroalgae” at the Institute for Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena and lecturer in Analytical Chemistry. His research team aims to understand the mutualistic interactions between the green tide-forming seaweed Ulva (Chlorophyta) and its associated bacteria (“cross-kingdom cross-talk”). Using a reductionist model system (U. mutabilis-Maribacter sp. Roseovarius sp.), we apply a combined approach in molecular biology and analytical chemistry to investigate the chemically mediated-symbiotic interactions.  To establish Ulva as a model organismus for macroalgal growth and morphogenesis, the research group established fundamental tools and protocols, for example, axenic cultivation, bacteria-induced morphogenesis, stable genetic transformations and approaches in metabolomics. He was a partner of the European Consortia  MSCA-ITN-2014 ALFF, the COST ACTION FA1406 Phycomoph and the Ulva Genome Project and he is Associate Editor of the journal Botanica Marina and the book Protocols for Macroalgae Research. Within the COST Action CA20106, the research group aims to apply our laboratory findings (e.g., microbe leverage) to algal aquaculture to improve Ulva culture maintenance and biomass production monitored by omics approaches.