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Dr. Ioannis Tzovenis
Dr. Ioannis Tzovenis
Athens 15238, Greece
tel +30 2109218749
  • Algabase

    "We develop algae-based products by extracting active principles from algae and creating cosmetic ingredients and high standard cosmetic products with natural and organic certifications. Currently, our main product lines are natural and organic cosmetics and organic phytostimulants. We use advanced technology to obtain molecules based on innovative methods and processes recently developed by one of the most important aquaculture research centers in the world. Our manufacturing process is completely sustainable , from obtaining the raw materials and extracting the bioactive molecules, to the manufacturing of the final products."

  • ALGAplus Lda

    ALGAplus has been dedicated since 2012 to controlled and sustainable farming of seaweed species from the Atlantic coast, in a land-based system as innovative as natural and with organic certification. Located in Ria de Aveiro, Portugal, in a Natura 2000 zone, we are pioneers in Europe to do so in a perspective of circular and blue bio-economy, by integrating fish aquaculture with organic certification throughout all process. Our mission is to democratize seaweed applications and consumption of species grown in Portugal, through the optimization of cultivation protocols, to ensure the best quality/price in the global market. Our main goal is to continue the investment in innovation, quality, environmental and social sustainability, values ​​that underlie the production of ALGAplus seaweed and that every day increases the potential of this natural, renewable and sustainable resource.

  • Aqualg Biyoteknoloji San. Tic. Ltd. Şti

    In the sustainable world of the future, it is to be among the leading organizations in the world by offering innovative, natural, sustainable, cost-effective and alternative products that the industry needs, especially in the aquaculture, poultry breeding, cattle and sheep breeding and pet husbandry sectors.

  • A4F Algae for Future, SA [Seaweed Division]

    A4F is a biotechnology company, located in Portugal, with more than 20 years of accumulated experience in microalgae research & development and microalgae production (up to industrial scale). A4F is specialized in the design, build, operation and transfer (DBOT) of commercial-scale microalgae production units, using different technologies that better adapt to our Customers’ business.

  • Blue Green Technologies

    BlueGreen’s portfolio currently consists of 2 marketed products, namely Lake Guard®️ Oxy and Lake Guard®️ Blue, are floating, slow-releasing formulations of market-approved algaecides designed to prevent the intensification of cyanobacterial toxic blooms in freshwater bodies (aka “blue green algae”).

  • DAS Damage Analysis Systems Intenational Ltd.

    Turning processed water into tons of seaweed makes a significant societal impact, as CO2, nitrogen and phosphorous is captured in the process.

  • Dutch Seaweed Group

    As an innovative partner in seaweed, we stand for healthy, sustainable, local seaweed from our farm in the Easternscheldt, the Netherlands. We are keen to provide a sustainable and innovative solution for companies looking for a future-proof, healthy and good ingredient for people and nature.

  • Dvokut ecro

    DVOKUT-ECRO Ltd. is a privately held company that has been providing services in the area of environmental and nature protection as well as sustainable development since 1995. During the many years, we have gathered experience in the area through numerous and varied projects in Croatia and the region, always providing the highest level of service to our clients – international and domestic privately held companies, international organizations, public companies, ministries, regional and local governments.

  • Dynamic Seaweed

    Dynamic Seaweed unlocks the power of seaweed (macroalgae) to tackle global challenges. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, from cultivation and extraction to bioproduct manufacturing and consulting. Our focus is on sustainability, developing innovative solutions for food, energy, agriculture, cosmetics, and environmental remediation.

  • EasyHarvest

    Founded in 2022, Easy Harvest is a start-up based in Portugal that provides monitorization and management services for macroalgae blooms, while connecting the supply chain to the seaweed industry. Easy Harvest monitor, mitigate and valorize macroalgae blooms.


    Eranova is upcycling green seaweed waste into sustainable bio-based packaging materials. The biomasses used to date mobilize arable land, reallocate agricultural land and require significant energy resources for their transformation. The market addressed by the company Eranova and its range of biosourced polymers called AlgX is the market of the packaging film industry, the market of flexible and rigid plastic containers in all its forms of transformation with a focal point on different options end-of-life biodegradability, compostability, reuse and recycling.


    In Urdu language the word ‘goya’ represents the magical moment when a dream is so strong that it reflects as reality, which in fact forms the basis of the innovative and sustainable founding philosophy of Goya Botanicals. Goya Botanicals was established in Gökova region in 2019, by three entrepreneurs who aimed to pursue their dreams and develop their own stories. Goya Botanicals produces 100% pure and natural oils by combining contemporary scientific knowledge with centuries of traditional methods, while supporting sustainable agriculture and local production awareness.

  • IGFF

    IGFF is a private company involved with research & Innovation (R&I) projects working closely with universities and related companies. The areas of R&I engagement have for the last 12 years been within aquaponics – both fresh- and saltwater - funded by EU-Horizon, Danida (Danish development agency) and FAO. IGFF has overseen the first saltwater aquaponics system in Europe/Denmark combining seatrout and salicornia europaea. From 2024-27 IGFF will be involved in an EU-Horizon project in Portugal/Algarve overseeing an aquaponics Demo-system of shrimp and seaweed.

  • Kefalonian Fisheries SA

    In 1981, Marinos Geroulanos, a fourth generation Kefalonian, founded the very first farm for the production of European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) and Gilthead Sea Bream (Sparus aurata) in Kefalonia, Greece. At Kefalonia Fisheries we are dedicated to preserving the time-honoured way of life on a Greek island. We have been farmers and fishermen for generations and we raise our fish in the best of these two traditions. Our fish are raised naturally, slowly, and with the utmost respect for the environment and their welfare.

  • Livegreen

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  • Longline Environment Ltd.

    Aquaculture modelling solutions tackle some of the most challenging elements of sustainability, risk and innovation for farming communities. We provide value-added outcomes across the supply chain. We approach projects that have the aspiration and riskiness of research with the speed and ambition of a startup, delivering outcomes on aquatic systems to support sustainable food and water resources

  • Mediterranean Algae technologies

    "At the heart of our macroalgae farming technology is Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture (AMI). This innovative approach allows for the simultaneous cultivation of different aquatic species, ensuring that the byproducts of one species serve as inputs for another. The result is a balanced farming system that minimizes waste and maximizes production, giving way to sustainable aquaculture."

  • Moreforsking

    Møreforsking offers research and knowledge-based development services in a wide range of disciplines. Our strength is interdisciplinary knowledge development and dissemination. We do this to solve challenges, contribute to innovation, develop new methods and meet other knowledge needs that customers have. We conduct both commissioned research and self-initiated research projects.

  • Nemo seafarms

    Nemo seafarms

    Nemo Seafarms harnesses unused resources with the help of seaweed to provide food, biocompounds and ecosystem services for a sustainable future.


    Olmix Group is developing an international ecosystem of partners – farmers, integrators and distributors – to grow plants and to raise animals in a plan for agro-ecological transition. Algae are a key raw material from which, through various steps of innovations and associated with clay and trace elements, Olmix develops concrete solutions for worldwide agricultural transition towards better practices based on products known for their efficiency, demonstrated scientifically.

  • Pure Algae Denmark ApS

    Pure Algae’s innovative capture-based technology transforms nitrogen compounds and CO2 from industrial fish-farming and similar industries into a valuable biomass with numerous fields of application. The demand for seaweed worldwide is on the rise and Pure Algae’s vision is to become Denmark’s first supplier of a technology, that enables a stable and sustainable production of seaweed on land. With our closed, controlled systems, you can grow high quality and allergen free seaweed, benefiting our environment and health.

  • Recirkfisk PO

    Recirkfisk is a Swedish Producer Organisation for Aquaculture Primary Producers mainly using systems like RAS, IMTA and Aquaponics. Our main activity is to share knowledge and competence among our members to improve our businesses. When having the resources, we share outside our organisation.

  • Sea KURA

    "SeaKura - a box of sea treasures The SeaKura company was established in Israel in 2006, out of a great love for the sea and its environment, combined with a desire to feed the world with marine food rich in nutrients. What sets the Israeli company Sikora apart is the growing of food while preserving the marine environment. To this end, experts in the company have specially developed an advanced technology, which allows growing algae, which contain all the goodness of the sea, on land without harming the delicate marine ecology. "

  • Tecnos

    A sound experience in the industrial field allowed Tecnos to apply the most update technologies concerning monitoring and control in the aquaculture. Thanks to the study and deep knowledge of new technology , our company has succeeded in creating an economic system with high efficiency, through integration with a centralized network of high-speed data transmission on the PC and easy to use customized programs , designed specifically for the web-based control, with particular attention to the site where they will be installed.

  • The Seaweed Company Blue Turtle Ltd

    The Seaweed Company offers different valuable seaweed applications: Farming solutions to catalyzing the transition to sustainable agriculture and Food solutions to drive the shift to sustainable diets. High Nutrition Foods, Health & Wellbeing, Animal Health, Pharmaceuticals, Bio Growth Stimulants, Sustainable Materials, Renewable Energy, Carbon Sequestration