On this SEEK channel in Microsoft TEAMS, here:

You can chat with everyone in the network, as long as you are a part of the main COST SEAWHEAT Team (email if you are not joined).

SMEs, universities, and research institutes will be able to present their human resource needs (e.g., PhDs, postdoctoral researchers, technicians, etc.) and indicate the qualifications (conditions) required of applicants. 

Researchers and students will be able to apply for job opportunities or student exchange and indicate their experience. In addition, this page will be open to lab services as well as seaweed-related questions.

Examples of how this page can help our network thrive:

1.            Open positions offered by SMEs in the seaweed sector.

2.            Seeking a job position in the seaweed industry.

3.            Open positions offered by the academia, seeking MSc, PhD, researchers.

4.            Seeking a job position in academia (by MSc, PhD, scientist applicants).

5.            Seeking or offering a job position in laboratory services.

6.            General questions to SeaWheat members.